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Books bring magic into our lives

Books bring a magic to our lives, they have the power to transport us to different times and places, from the comfort of our own home (or wherever we may be reading them) and in our retail shops the popularity of books is ever present. I wanted to highlight some of the magic I have witnessed during my short time here at St Michael’s Hospice.

Erica, who has volunteered for the Hospice for five years, the last four at the Donation Centre, works with the pre-loved books, kindly donated to the Hospice. Erica has a real passion for books and commented; “I love books! I appreciate the value of all the books donated to the Hospice and I have so many interests and love that my role introduces me to lots of new subjects.” Erica works hard to make the most of every book donated and keeps the book room at the Donation Centre very organised and has stock ready for our shops and ECommerce.

The ECommerce team were delighted with a recent eBay sale of a first edition of John Le Carre’s The Spy Who Came In From The Cold, which sold for an incredible £271. Since the team have returned post lock down, the team have raised an amazing £13,065.50 for the Hospice. The team have been working really hard to identify great items from the donated stock and get them listed online as soon as possible. We also have a new Volunteer, Dave, who has joined the team to help value our donated books to sell in the shops and online.

The importance we place on books was also highlighted to us through Hospice supporter Becky’s story. Becky lent her mum her signed copy of Isabelle Broom’s book, A Year and A Day, then suddenly last year, her mum passed away and the book got mixed up with donations for the Hospice just before lockdown. Luckily the Retail team managed to reunite Becky with her book before it went out to the shops and as a thank you the author sent the Hospice a signed copy of her new book, Hello Again.

Most recently, we were kindly gifted 500 books from the Conquest Hospital which have been a huge bonus to support our book loving community, and are winging their way to our shops as we speak.

Rose Bedford, Head of Retail and Business Development

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