Loreta's Story

Loreta, a beauty therapist from Little Common, who spent some time on the In-Patient Unit at the Hospice, opened up to us about her thoughts surrounding Hospice care and how it helped her do the things she loved again.

“When I was told I didn’t have long to live, it was so scary and shocking. I was really unwell at home and my husband was very worried about me, so we contacted the Hospice for support. At first, I thought the Hospice was somewhere you go to die, so it was a very frightening time.

“I had some Zoom calls with Colin from the Wellbeing team and some meditation sessions with Naga from the Spiritual Support team, which completely changed my mind about Hospice care. I found the grounding and breathing exercises very helpful. My husband also needed support and has spent time talking to Naga. I don’t know who it’s harder for, the person who is ill, or the person who is taking care of someone. It’s not easy.

“I have been painting during my stay at the Hospice, the gardens are amazing. I hadn’t painted since December because I wasn’t well enough, but now I have a little more energy, I can do some little watercolour paintings, they are my escape from my illness and what’s going on in my head.

“We are all different people and our feelings are different but I think when you have a terminal illness sometimes it’s good to talk and open your mind, so you don’t take everything on yourself and get the help so you don’t feel more stressed. Being at the Hospice has given me and my husband time to process what’s happening.”

We thank Loreta and her husband, Mike, for sharing their story with us. We also thank Mike for sharing his memories with us, which you can view here.