Compassionate Communities

Compassionate Communities is about building social net works of care for people experiencing dying, death and loss – with the community at its heart. A measure of our success is the extent to which we reach out across our catchment to include everyone. Dying, death and loss is itself a marginalising experience. Who of us can relate to people finding it difficult to know what to say when we have experienced loss? Who relates to the experience of feeling isolated and alone when finding themselves the principle carer for someone with an advanced illness? We know social connection and communities who care for each other play a critical part in better outcomes for people who are living with advanced illness, those who care for them and those who will eventually grieve for them.

Our commitment to building inclusive, welcoming spaces for everyone is a challenge for us all. Understanding why we don’t reach the people we need to reach and how we overcome barriers requires us to reach out , ask questions and listen to the answers.

Compassionate Communities and Equality, Diversity and Inclusion has a shared purpose – to ensure that everyone is included. Knowing that 1 in 4 people in the UK do not access hospice support is sobering. We want to find out who those people are in Hastings and Rother and understand the reasons why. We also want to know about the great stuff happening in our community that people do engage in, and the reasons why.

We look forward to speaking to local groups and organisations that work with people we don’t commonly see at the Hospice. To find out how they support each other and how we might work alongside each other. Inclusion is one of our Hospice values and our vision is that no one in our community should suffer alone. We will keep you posted on what we find out & what we do as a result.
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