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Why I'll be trekking the Sahara for the Hospice

My last physical charity challenge was climbing Mount Snowdon 10 years ago. Hearing about the Sahara Trek peaked my interest and I spent a few days talking myself in and out of doing it. I have to admit that my reasons for doing the trek are not truly altruistic. I suffer with back problems and have a prolapsed disc, so tend to avoid anything that may aggravate it but that means I have restricted myself with so many things over the years. Working at the Hospice however has given me a different perspective on life and the ethos of “living well until you die” is one that struck a chord with me and I want to have as many life experiences as I can whilst I can.  So whilst I will be raising funds for the Hospice, I will also be motivated to get fitter and increase my core strength and spend more time outdoors. My family were all quite surprised by my decision to take on this challenge but for me it’s important to set an example and prove to myself and my children that I am not too old and past it to take on new adventures and with a positive outlook you can achieve more than you expect. To give me confidence and keep me motivated I asked my sister and my son to join me on the adventure and they both jumped at the opportunity so we will be making it a real family affair.

So far I have raised almost £1,000 just by selling Christmas cakes and puddings to family and friends. I love baking but making 60 puddings and 91 homemade and hand decorated cakes has been a challenge in itself!  We decided to fundraise together as a threesome and have events arranged in the new year, starting with a Battle of the Bands on 9th February at ‘On the Rocks’ in Hastings. My sister follows and supports many of the local bands and they were all happy to perform for us for free as well as the venue owners wanting to support the Hospice. We are also great fans of quizzing (we collect wooden spoons!) and will be creating our own in the Spring. The Iden Players have also shown their support and want to perform a Murder Mystery evening for us. We have received so much support from people that want to hold events for us so it will be a truly shared effort in getting to the £4,500 target.

Caroline White, Head of HR, Education and Voluntary Services

Photo: Caroline with her sister Marie and son Aaron who are all taking part in our Sahara Trek.

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