After a visit from the team I always feel much better

Mike, a retired engineer from Hastings, tells us how the Hospice has helped him and his wife Wendy.

“I’ve been receiving Hospice at Home care for a little while now and they are great. If I’m feeling a bit down, after a visit from the team I always feel much better. I’ve also had Respite care at the Hospice, at first I was in fear and trepidation.

When someone says, you are going in to the Hospice the first thing you think is, I am dying of cancer. You can’t help it, it’s a natural thing. But I was assured by other people that the Hospice isn’t like that at all. I came into the Hospice and I didn’t want to leave. The staff were so friendly, always smiling and there to listen. The food at the Hospice was also very, very nice – what more could you ask for?!”

Sadly Mike died in July 2019. We would like to thank Mike’s wife Wendy and family, for allowing us to share Mike’s story.

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