Irene and Ron

The Hospice at Home team were a great support

“Before my step-father Ron was admitted to St Michael’s Hospice, I hadn’t had any personal dealings with a Hospice, but had only ever heard good reports of Hospice care.

Before becoming an in-patient Ron was supported by the Hospice at Home team, they were a great support and provided a comforting ear, during a worrying and difficult time.

As soon as Ron was admitted into the Hospice, we couldn’t fault it in any way. He was swiftly seen by a Doctor and was given a beautiful room overlooking the garden with the sound of seagulls in the distance.  From the moment we arrived everyone was so kind to us, from the nursing team to the receptionist and gardener, nothing was too much trouble.

As a carer, and being completely responsible for someone, it’s difficult to hand over the responsibility, so I really appreciated the regular telephone calls, updating me on how Ron was doing.  I can remember vividly one early morning, sitting in the recliner chair in Ron’s room and a nurse kindly brought me a cup of tea and tucked me in with blankets. It was only a small thing but it meant so much, and was so comforting to have someone looking after me too. It can feel quite isolating when you are caring for someone so I really appreciated the support.

On the day that Ron was admitted to St Michael’s Hospice, neither my friend nor I had eaten lunch. The nursing team had one dinner left over and offered it to us so we sat and shared the meal, realising then just how hungry we were. It is kind acts like these that really stand out in my memory. Knowing that instant and loving care and support is available, make St Michael’s Hospice special and I felt that Ron couldn’t have ended his life in a better place.” Irene

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