We knew the Hospice wasn't something to be afraid of

Throughout October, St Michael’s Hospice – along with other hospices across the UK – encouraged the public to support their local hospice in whatever way they can – whether by donating, volunteering or showing they care on social media during Hospice Care Week (8th – 14th October).

To help raise awareness around hospice care we were grateful to speak to Teresa, from Rye, about her sister Kerry’s hospice experience, along with Kerry’s daughters, Amy 20 and Hannah 17.

“5 years ago, our mum was cared for by the Hospice. When we first discussed Hospice care with Mum, she felt she wasn’t ready to come to the Hospice, as she thought it was a place where you went to die. But both Kerry and I explained the Hospice isn’t just a place where people come to die, but a place where people come and go for symptom and pain control too. When Mum was first admitted as an In-Patient her pain was managed so well, it enabled her to return to her beloved home with her pain effectively managed. When mum passed away at the Hospice we couldn’t say enough good things about the care she received. When Kerry was diagnosed, she expressed her wishes to the family that when the time came she too wanted to be cared for at the Hospice.

We knew the Hospice wasn’t something to be afraid of and was in fact a place full of so much love. Kerry is so precious to us, and the nurses and team are so in tune with Kerry and us a family, and are mindful of how we are all feeling.

Knowing Kerry is treated as an individual and not just a patient is so important. At the Hospice we are still able to help with Kerry’s care, but having the knowledge that specialist help is on hand at a drop of a hat is very reassuring.” said Teresa.“If mum wasn’t here, I really don’t know what we would do. The Hospice gives our Mum such a comfortable and restful environment, but with the all the equipment to manage her pain. All we can ask for is that for our precious Mum is as comfortable as possible, and we know the team here are so on it, it’s perfect for her. Also if we have a wobble we know we can speak to any of the Nurses, they just get it. It’s a bit like home from home, we can stay the night, and walk out in our socks in the night to get a drink, but it allows us to stay close to Mum. We are all very protective over Mum and her care, but we know the nurses here are as protective of Mum as we are”. said Amy