Our Values

Our Values

“At St Michael’s Hospice we pride ourselves on our values which have been inspired by our staff, creating an environment where everyone feels able to contribute to the work we do.”

Living our values

We stand for excellence in holistic care and support for all those throughout Hastings and Rother affected by a progressive life-limiting illness or bereavement.

What are our values?
Our values underpin every aspect of work in the Hospice and set our behavioural standards not just to our patients and their families but to each other as colleagues. Our values are a moral compass and should guide all our actions.

Why do we need them?
We need to live our values every time we interact with others – colleagues, volunteers, the public, the people we support, their family and friends, so they consistently have a good experience. It is important that we don’t just see our values as words on a page or as something other people have to do.

Who are they for?
They are for all of us working at the Hospice – staff, managers and volunteers.

Who decided what our values should be?
Our values were decided through a series of workshops we held with staff across the Hospice. The thoughts and ideas raised have been worked into four values which bring to life the behaviour and attitudes that are meaningful to us all at St Michael’s Hospice.

Treating people the way we would like to be treated ourselves is a good way of making sure that we recognise that everyone is unique and that we value them for who they are. We are welcoming and approachable, taking time to listen. We communicate with empathy combined with realism.

Honesty and Respect
Honesty, respect and integrity are central to what we do and require us to be accountable for our actions and decisions. We seek to communicate openly in a spirit of collaboration and mutual support. We value the contribution that everyone makes to our Hospice and speak out if we see anyone treated inappropriately. We ensure that people are treated fairly and we do not accept any form of discrimination.

Innovation and Excellence
We always challenge ourselves to do better. We aim continually to improve the services we deliver and, to do this, we need to be reflective about our practice and open to change. We seek to identify and resolve issues that impede the way we work. We recognise that it is generally through team working, within and across teams, that we find solutions.

Whatever our role, we all play a part in the success of the Hospice and we uphold the reputation of the Hospice at all times. We recognise and value the support so generously given by local people which helps secure the future of Hospice services. We will continue to represent the Hospice in our own communities and to share the good work the Hospice does.

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