Our Values

“At St Michael’s Hospice we pride ourselves on our values which have been inspired by our staff, creating an environment where everyone feels able to contribute to the work we do.”

Living our values

We stand for excellence in holistic care and support for all those throughout Hastings and Rother affected by a progressive life-limiting illness or bereavement.

What are our values?
Our values underpin every aspect of work in the Hospice and set our behavioural standards not just to our patients and their families but to each other as colleagues. Our values are a moral compass and should guide all our actions.

Why do we need them?
We need to live our values every time we interact with others – colleagues, volunteers, the public, the people we support, their family and friends, so they consistently have a good experience. It is important that we don’t just see our values as words on a page or as something other people have to do.

Who are they for?
They are for all of us working at the Hospice – teams, managers and volunteers.

Who decided what our values should be?
Our values were created through a series of workshops we held with our employees and volunteers.

We act with dignity and integrity

• Respecting the contribution and views of others, even when they are different from our own
• Acting quickly and fairly to deal with improper conduct, including any act of harassment,
discrimination or abuse
• Admitting when we get things wrong and making sure lessons are learnt from mistakes
• Making sure the Hospice is an environment where questions are welcomed, open and honest
feedback is invited and heard, and concerns are raised and acted on.

We lead the way

• Being curious about new technologies, developing imaginative and creative ways of working
• Being open to different approaches and eager to share successes and failures
• Being focused on solutions and overcoming challenges, seeing the opportunity within
• Working in a collaborative way, fostering innovative partnerships to improve systems, processes
and services
• Ensuring all personal opportunities for learning and development are taken, promoting life-long

We show kindness

• Being polite, friendly and welcoming to all
• Acting with thoughtfulness and compassion towards colleagues, patients, families, carers and
the community
• Being generous with our time and knowledge, supporting those involved in the care of people
with palliative care needs
• Being self-aware, able to reflect and be accountable for our individual behaviours and impact
on others.

We are stronger together

• Embracing the uniqueness of each of us, recognising the contribution made by all colleagues,
volunteers, and supporters
• Learning from the experiences of all individuals irrespective of age, race, gender, sex, sexuality,
faith or (dis)ability, or in other ways
• Inspiring each other through positive actions and encouragement
• Working in an integrated way, recognising and valuing the skills, qualities and contribution of
• Engaging with, working in partnership and being responsive to the needs of our whole
• Championing the Hospice within our own communities, reflecting positive attitudes and
• Fostering a safe, open environment for the whole community to feel comfortable in.

Get in touch with our HR Department

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