Breathing and fatigue clinic

Breathlessness Clinic

St Michael’s Hospice offers a six week breathing and fatigue clinic aimed at educating people on the techniques that can help manage these symptoms in day-to-day life. Each week discusses a different topic and includes, but is not limited to, breathing techniques, fatigue management, counseling, complementary therapies and exercise.

Who can attend?

The clinic is open to anyone who is suffering with breathlessness and fatigue regardless of diagnosis and/or severity of symptoms. We also encourage relatives, carers or friends who support you to come along.

Being part of a group setting also allows you to gain support from others struggling with the same problems and to share ideas and tips. You will also get to meet different Hospice staff as the weeks progress.

What will happen in each session?

Each session is approximately an hour to an hour and a half long and you will be offered a drink and the opportunity to talk with the members of the group and our staff during that time.

The staff member leading the session will present the weeks topic to you and there will be an opportunity to ask questions during and after. On the first and last weeks we will also ask you to fill in a brief questionnaire about your symptoms. This helps us to assess what you have learnt and helps us develop and improve our services.

Once the clinic comes to an end we will also provide you with information on other Hospice services that may be of benefit to you.