Open Gardens: Hastings Old Town

Saturday 25th June

1-6 Croft Terrace

TN34 3HH
Raquel, Marianne, Margaret, Simon, Andy and Judith

Hidden in the heart of The Old Town is a private garden which includes 6 mini gardens. The garden, known as Pearls Parade was created by Fritz and Pearl Olsen. A variety of plants and roses grow alongside the historic old grapevine. The fruit from this vine is harvested each year and made into jam. There will also be delicious sweet treats and hot drinks for sale, for weary walkers, in the priest’s secret walled garden next door.

Elm Lodge

60 Old London Road, TN35 5LZ
Gwen and Michael Blandy

This 2 acre garden starts with the rhododendron/azalea island and continues to the lawned area and fish pond with Koi and grass carp and gold fish. We then continue around many paths with herbaceous and shrub borders scattered among the many trees including Tulip, Metasequoia, Silver Birch, Silk Tassel, Wedding Cake and Judas tree, also various acers ascending the West Hill with the views over East Hill and to the sea.

14 Tackleway

TN34 3DE
Judy Parkinson

This lovely East Hill garden is set on three terraced levels with views across to the West Hill and Hastings Old Town. The design mixes seaside elements with perennials, grasses and inside-out paraphernalia such as mirrors and picture frames.

Studio House

64 Croft Road, TN34 3HE
Stephanie Donaldson and Andrew Colquhoun

A secret garden hidden behind a high brick wall belonging to the former Gardens Editor of Country Living magazine. It is a sheltered space of many moods and lush romantic planting on several levels. A huge tulip tree overhangs much of the third of an acre garden accompanied by olives, a mimosa and mulberry.

Lower Torfield Allotments

Old London Road, TN34 3HA

Lower Torfield is a traditional south east facing, stepped allotment space on the outskirts of Hastings Old Town. Created in the early to mid-1900s the space contains up to forty-five plots ranging from the long-established, cultivated by seasoned gardeners through to summer time allotment spaces and first-time allotment owners. The plot owners grow flowers, fruit & vegetables using a variety of methods, whilst cultivating the land and rotating crops and sharing their learning and pitfalls of allotment growing with fellow neighbours. 2021 gave plot owners the opportunity to spend more time growing and designing their space bringing further individual style to their plot encouraging unique plot identities. This allotment has a communal picnic area, composting facility, eco-friendly toilet system and builds on its success by its community spirit. The picnic area is often found full with seedlings, seeds and cuttings shared from the plot owners for their neighbours to take. Lower Torfield is an allotment space that encourages plot holders to be mindful and supportive of the natural wildlife and encourage plot holders to not use Glyphosate. This year they have had approval from Hastings Borough Council to be part of NO MO MAY and encourage the natural wildlife of the allotment in communal spaces to thrive and support our planet.

Directions & information

Take the A259 to Hastings Old Town.

  • £7.50
  • 10.30am – 4pm
  • Parking is available on surrounding roads. Please be aware of parking restrictions and charges
  • Refreshments at The Stables Theatre car park