St Michael’s Hospice hosts Coffin Club Hastings

Coffin Club Hastings are excited to announce their funeral planning course returns on Thursday 17th March, for a three-week course at St Michael’s Hospice.

Kate Dyer and Kate Tym, Coffin Club Founders and Funeral Celebrants, talk about death in a way that is straight-forward, and the funeral planning course provides a safe space where people can learn about the options available to them for their end-of-life celebration, whilst acknowledging that death is part of life.

The course includes guest speakers from a diverse range of services, including an end-of-life doula, The London School of Anatomy, who will discuss how to donate your body to medical science, a speaker who organised a family-led funeral for her husband where she kept his body at home and bought the coffin from the internet, the Manager of Hastings Crematorium, funeral directors, plus a session from the team at St Michael’s Hospice. The funeral planning course is made up of three morning sessions, taking place over three weeks, at the Arthur Easton Centre at St Michael’s Hospice.

“We are so thrilled to have St Michael’s Hospice on board, and to be working together to normalise the kind of conversations we have around death and dying. The main thing about Coffin Club is that it isn’t morbid at all – it’s actually a lot of fun”. Said Kate Dyer.

Kate Tym adds, “We know how important these conversations can be. One of our clubbers said that she came to Coffin Club because she had turned 75 and had become very anxious about dying and about things not being in place for her kids. She told us that Coffin Club has changed all of that. Her funeral is planned, she’s no longer scared of dying, nor does she think there’s any reason why she should suddenly die, and she’s now free to just get on with living life – that’s the best feedback we could possible get.”

Dr Karen Clarke, CEO of St Michael’s Hospice added, “We are committed to ensuring everyone can make informed choices about what they would like for their funeral. We’re delighted to be collaborating with Coffin Club in raising awareness of the options available for this important event.”

Coffin Club celebrity Patron Miriam Margolyes commented: “Anyone who’s going to die should go to Coffin Club.”