Wellbeing Programme nature group in full bloom

Earlier this month we caught up with Wellbeing Assistants, Alicen and Paul, who have been hosting the newly launched Growing Together online nature group for Hospice patients and carers.

“Growing Together is a six week programme focusing on developing self-confidence, resilience and physical rehabilitation, by fostering connectedness with the natural world. Recently patients sowed wildflower seeds, practiced mindfulness in nature and developed their curiosity of the natural world.

One of the patients attending the group shared a photograph of a blossom tree and their thoughts on how this made them feel. They said; “Looking at it for a long time, it can help one stay focused in their mind and find a sense of it being therapeutic to the eyes. This helps give you a calming effect and helps you forget your anxious feelings.

You begin to think positively, that there are lovely things surrounding us, which are gentle and colourful, giving us a different perspective on life. I love this photo of the blossom tree. You start to think that you are able to feel stronger…that you can branch out more with self-esteem, feeling more positive about the things you have achieved.”

Our Wellbeing Programme has developed a number of virtual groups online. For more information about these and how we can further support you, click here

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