Counselling, Complementary Therapies and Therapeutic Group Activities

The Sara Lee Trust has specialist counsellors who work with patients and the family, other loved ones and those with caring responsibilities, giving them the time and space to share their thoughts and feelings.

The Trust’s complementary therapies provide a respite from pain, allowing patients to relax and enhance their wellbeing; helping them to feel more able to cope with the impact of a life threatening illness and its treatment.

The Trust’s support groups help people who have become isolated through their illness or caring responsibilities to make contact with others who are going through something similar, to make new friendships and support each other.

For more information about the Trust and its services, please visit The Sara Lee Trust website.

Find out how you can get involved in service development

The Sara Lee Trust is committed to involving service users in the development of its activities. If you are a past or current service user and are interested in getting involved, please email or call 01424 456608.