Leave us a gift in your Will

Leave us a gift in your Will

Gifts left in Wills are a hugely valuable source of income for St Michael’s Hospice. Such gifts allow us to fund current services and to plan future care.

Making a Will is important to ensure, not only that any dependants are cared for, but also that an estate is passed on in accordance with the deceased’s wishes. A Will can also include a gift to a charity or charities of your choice.

If you don’t already have a Will, it’s never too soon to think about one. It’s as simple as thinking about what your wishes would be and speaking to a solicitor to get them formalised.

Anyone can do it! Did you know you could leave just 1% of your estate to charity?

This means your loved ones will still receive the remaining 99%. Whatever the size of gift or the charity you choose to support, your help will make a huge difference.

A charitable gift can be a simple cash payment or a percentage of the remaining or residuary estate. It costs nothing to leave a gift now but will provide huge support to St Michael’s Hospice in future years.

If ever the time is right for you to include a gift to a charity in your Will, please consider St Michael’s Hospice. We support around 1,250 people each year so by leaving a gift you will be helping to provide palliative care services to future communities of Hastings and Rother in years to come.

Simply let your solicitor know you would like to include a gift to St Michael’s Hospice in your Will and provide our full address and charity registration number:

St Michael’s Hospice
25 Upper Maze Hill
St Leonard’s on Sea
East Sussex
TN38 0LB

Charity registration number 288462.

If you are unsure as to how to word an instruction in your Will, please consider the following suggested wording:

‘I bequeath to St Michael’s Hospice (registered charity no. 288462), 25 Upper Maze Hill, St Leonard’s on Sea, TN38 0LB, for its general charitable purposes (*insert one of the following options)

  • all the residue of my estate
  • one ‘x’ share of the residue of my estate
  • ‘x’% of my estate
  • the sum of £’xxx’
  • the following personal items

and the receipt of their responsible officer for the time being of the Hospice, shall be good and sufficient discharge for my Executors’.

Leaving charitable gifts in your Will can certainly help you to reduce the value of your estate liable for Inheritance Tax. The current taxable threshold stands at £325,000. Above this amount, subject to certain provisions and exemptions, everything can be taxed at a rate of 40%. Charitable gifts are tax exempt, and so by leaving a gift to St Michael’s Hospice you could reduce the amount of tax paid by your loved ones after your death. More information is available from the HM Revenue & Customs website.

Further information

If you would like further information please contact us on 01424 445177 or email us.