Event Volunteer
Brief info

After visiting the Open Gardens l thought it would be a lovely way to volunteer for the Hospice. My husband was cared for magnificently by the Hospice at Home team, so l knew l wanted to give something back. I was also looking for a way to volunteer with my partner Peter, who has been diagnosed as being in the early stages of Alzheimers disease. I wanted us to be able to do something together and l knew we would both enjoy getting involved in the Open Gardens - they’re lovely places to be.

We volunteer in people’s own gardens, that they open up to the public one day in summertime to support the Hospice’s Open Garden’s programme. There are a wide variety of tasks but we don’t mind what we do, but we usually assist with the parking as visitors are coming in. I get to wear a high vis, which makes me feel important! There’s also a lot to do before the events, and sometimes l help to set things up. I’ve also volunteered in the office, making phone calls out to businesses to ask them if they will sell our Open Garden booklets to their customers.
The thing l’ve enjoyed most is that you’re very much part of the Hospice team. It’s very uplifting, as the Open Gardens are joyful events – especially on a sunny day.