Flower Arranger
Brief info

Before I became a Hospice volunteer l was diagnosed with cancer and had to give up work whilst l recovered. After my cancer treatment l was left with Lymphodema down one side and the clinic I attended was in the Hospice, so I was coming to the Hospice regularly for appointments, and I knew then that l wanted to do something for the Hospice.

So 8 years ago I joined the team of Flower Arrangers. We re-purpose donated wreaths, bouquets and floral displays from funerals. I condition the flowers and foliage so they last longer, then create displays in vases and baskets. They mostly go in our reception area, and they really brighten it up for our visitors.
The part l’ve enjoyed most has been the people l’ve worked with. All the staff are nice and helpful, and they really appreciate it when you put a fresh display out. They tell me they look lovely, which is very rewarding.