Associate Clinical Nurse Specialist
Brief info

Lisa, one of our Associate Clinical Nurse Specialists, loves her job at St Michael's Hospice and here she tells us what makes the Hospice such a special place to work.

"I joined the Hospice in September 2019 during the COVID-19 pandemic. I was home-schooling my three children and seeing how the pandemic was having such an impact on nursing services I wanted to do my bit. I applied for a bank post on the In-Patient Unit to balance childcare and work.

Being with patients during such a difficult time was incredibly rewarding. The team are incredibly dedicated and passionate, and I learned a great deal. I also started to support the Community service, and loved being able to work between the two.

During a one to one meeting with the new Director of Clinical Services I expressed a frustration that having loved my time at the Hospice, and with more skills to offer, I was restricted to a bank role in order to meet the needs of my children. I was asked to consider an exciting opportunity, with the possibility of a flexible contract to fit in with my family life as well as develop my clinical skills.

I am now fortunate to be an Associate Clinical Nurse Specialist, a new and exciting development post, of which two opportunities were created to support the existing Hospice Outreach team. I am able to work flexibly, and meet the needs of my family finding the perfect work-life balance.

I am continuing my learning within a supportive, experienced and knowledgeable team and have the opportunity to develop my prescribing practice while supporting patients and their families at home.

I am very proud to be part of a service that is so valuable and widely loved and respected by our local community."