Hospice Neighbour
Brief info

I’m not really sure how I heard about becoming a Hospice Neighbour, I feel like the role found me rather than the other way around, I think l read about it and thought, l could do that!

I volunteer as a Hospice Neighbour, once a week for an hour or two, which fits around my work well. We might meet somewhere outside or I might be asked to do some small task for my clients, but mostly, in my case, we do a puzzle or watch a film together. Quite often we just have a chat. You can develop a wonderful connection, and before you know it two hours have just flown by.

Just before the lockdown l had started reading novels to my client. We were in the middle of a really good story and then all of a sudden I couldn’t come around anymore. l suggested that l carry on reading the story over the phone, and she was very keen. I called once a week and we carried on with it – there was a really good twist at the end that had us both on the edge of our seats! I’ve discovered since that she rather likes murder mysteries with nasty villains in them, so l’m looking out for more titles, and we’re carrying on each week whilst the lockdown continues.