Brief info

I already had admin and computer skills, and a bit of personal experience selling things on eBay, so when l saw the Ecommerce volunteer role on the Hospice website, and saw how much money the Hospice needed to raise each year, l knew this was something l’d like to support.

After l gave up work, I wanted to get back up on my feet and build up some confidence again. I volunteer a couple of mornings a week, sometimes a bit more, but it’s really flexible and you can volunteer as much or as little time as you want.

Whilst the COVID-19 restrictions have been in place, l’ve been coming to the Donation Centre to pick up and drop off stock, but l’ve been volunteering from home where I photograph, list and price pre-loved items on eBay.

It’s very rewarding to see how much items sell for. An old bank note recently sold for £500 and that was very exciting! The more an item sells for, the more money we raise for the Hospice, which is very satisfying.

The Ecommerce team is small, which is good as l’m a bit shy, but they’re really supportive and make you feel very appreciated. Volunteering for the Hospice has certainly helped with my confidence and self esteem. I like it that you are making a contribution and feel valued.

I would definitely recommend volunteering for the Hospice. There is a social element to volunteering that can help if you are feeling isolated. You also know that you are helping, so there’s a real feel good factor.