Volunteer photographer
Brief info

I’ve been volunteering for about a year now. I started as a Ward Volunteer, but in the last few months l’ve also starting taking pictures for the Hospice. Before I started volunteering I worked as an admin assistant, but was made redundant. When l knew l wouldn’t be going back to work, l decided l would like to volunteer somewhere. My husband is still working and my kids are grown up so l wanted something to do with my time.

I started as a Ward volunteer, which l really enjoy and do once a week. I saw the Hospice were looking for photography volunteers so I made some enquiries. I like that photography part is quite flexible and l can go along to events l’m interested in, like the recent Easter Art Exhibition, and document it. I’ve taken some of the pictures of the other volunteers that are being featured during Volunteers Week, and I’m quite looking forward to taking more pictures at the Fairies and Dinosaurs event.

I like that volunteering has gotten me back into photography, which l enjoy so much, especially as I’d stopped doing it for a while, volunteering has also brought me back into being more sociable again.

I would recommend volunteering at the Hospice, because everyone is so friendly here. I’ve found it to be a very welcoming place.