Ward volunteer
Brief info

I volunteer 3 times a week, which fits in well around my studies. To begin with I volunteered just once a week, but l really enjoyed talking with the patients, and wanted to have more time to get to know them, so I increased my hours.

I’d been thinking about the kind of career l wanted to do, but at my age it’s quite tricky to find something. I think if you want to go into Medicine and help people who are unwell, you have to be really sure about it because it’s a lot of responsibility. I was quite nervous about applying, l wasn’t sure l’d be accepted.
l’ve met some really special people at the Hospice, and I will always remember the lovely conversations I've had with the patients.
I’ve had first-hand experience of how an illness can affect family members, and l remember the impact staff can have on how you feel. I’ve learned a lot since I’ve been here, but l’ve also been allowed to use and draw on my own skills and experience to help others. So many patients say to me how glad they are to be at the Hospice, and l feel lucky to have been given the opportunity to learn here.

When l started, everyone made me feel part of the team, I feel that whatever l give, is also given back