Wellbeing volunteer
Brief info

I was looking for something constructive to do with my spare time, and another Hospice volunteer suggested I try it, I’ve been volunteering now for 5 months.

I used to be an Electrician and worked in a maintenance position in a factory. Everyone in my family knows l can fix just about anything. My nieces and nephews used to get me to fix all of their toys, and l keep fixing our household appliances, even though my wife would actually prefer a new washing machine really. I even converted my car into a campervan so l can volunteer at festivals.#

I enjoy hands-on roles, so Wellbeing asked me to start up a ‘Practical Skills’ session for anyone who would like to make something. I volunteer one day a week, which is about right for me. I like having a set day so l can plan other things for the rest of the week. I’m not that outgoing and had always felt more comfortable dealing with ‘things’ than people, so it surprised me that l really enjoyed spending time with the patients so much. I’ve been inspired by how positive and upbeat everyone is.

Volunteering in Wellbeing has drawn me out and l’ve become a better communicator overall. I’ve met a lot of interesting people and learned a lot from them. I’ve personally found a broader definition of the kinds of relationships that are possible as a ‘man’

The Hospice has a friendly environment with a lot of different roles to suit different people. You find that you have skills that you didn’t know you had. I’d definitely recommend it.