IT Support Volunteer
Brief info

I’ve been volunteering at the Hospice for about a year and half now. One of the modules of my degree course required me to gain some volunteer experience in teaching people IT skills. One of the staff at Uni said the Hospice was a good place to volunteer, so l got in touch. I told them what l needed to achieve and they arranged for me to teach their Reception volunteers about Outlook, and to create an Outlook user manual.

I didn’t known what to expect from volunteering at the Hospice, but it wasn’t what l thought it would be like. The Hospice has a nice atmosphere, and l made friends with the staff. Since then l’ve given one-to-one support to volunteers who needed to complete their Food Hygiene course, but weren’t too confident around computers. As a result of this, I’ve also been asked to provide some bespoke IT skills one-to-one training for some of the staff at the Hospice. I’ve really enjoyed feeling part of the team, with both staff and volunteers.

Volunteering at the Hospice is very rewarding. It’s well worth doing it. I thought sometimes – l’m just one person – but l feel that l am making a difference. I love the people who work and volunteer there, it’s like being part of a family.