Spiritual Support Lead
Brief info

My role as Spiritual Support Lead is varied and life affirming. For me the common theme is a shared humanity with patients, family and friends, staff, volunteers, and allied community professionals. We have a joint experience of life and death, birth and renewal, albeit as unique individuals. My days are filled with the opportunity to be invited to listen to people who explore, share and celebrate what matters to them with joy and sadness, tears and laughter. Things people wished they’d done and things that are of significance and give meaning and hope to their lives, wanting to voice questions and explore possibilities. This is a common need for all of us and I feel very honoured that people trust and share with me. People identify with many understandings and beliefs about life, and what comes after, if anything, but the interconnection point I always hear is love. I have gathered a wealth of wisdoms that people generously share with me, I continue to learn as I accompany individuals. I am fortunate my job affords me time to be with people - I love that about my job.