Simon Davis

Brief info

I was born in Hastings to a family who have lived here for generations. The town and surrounding area is part of my DNA, and the Hospice has been a name in my life for as long as I remember – both through support to my family and fundraising from a young age.

I started my career as a cashier at a High Street bank in 2008, and since then have been incredibly fortunate to have been given some wonderful opportunities to learn and progress. Although through different lenses, all of my roles have been focussed on customers, and more recently been focussed on strategic development.

Reflecting during the early days of the pandemic, I decided that I wanted to give back to the community that set me up for my own journey. When the opportunity presented, I was delighted to be offered my trustee role at the Hospice, to bring together my connection to the community and my learned experiences, and help the team deliver on their aspirations.