Volunteer Voice (Rye Shop)
Brief info

When my husband died in 2015, I started thinking about doing some voluntary work. I saw a notice in the Rye shop window asking for volunteers, and after an interview l started volunteering.

I recently received an email from the Hospice, asking if anyone was interested in representing volunteers by joining the Volunteer Voice Forum. The Volunteer Voice meetings take place 4 times a year. Volunteers from the different parts of the Hospice come together to represent those areas, and discuss a variety of topics that the Extended Leadership Team would like our perspective on. We are sent an agenda before the meeting, and l use that to ask the other volunteers in the shop their opinions, and then bring their feedback with me to the meeting.

For my role with the Volunteer Voice, the best part has been raising my own awareness about the Hospice and what it does, as well as seeing where the shops fit into the bigger picture. I’ve met other volunteers and become aware of the different roles there are.