Wellbeing Admin
Brief info

A friend of mine works at the Hospice as a Bereavement Counsellor, and l used to join him at the Hospice for lunch sometimes.

I really liked the atmosphere, and talking to the volunteers l could see that they were making a difference – they weren’t just for show. I had previously worked for a long time as a Data and Performance Manager, so when I looked at the Hospice website to see what roles were available, l realised that l could use some of my own skills and experience to do something useful.

I provide administrative support as part of the Wellbeing team. I’ve been working specifically on creating spreadsheets, to keep track of the Wellbeing patients, including the logistics of their transport and any requirements they may have. It works really well, because l can do a lot of the background work at home and has meant l can still continue to volunteer during the lockdown.

I’ve enjoyed the challenge. I had a lot of experience with spreadsheets anyway, but l had to adapt my experience to a different service and environment. I’ve also enjoyed chatting with the patients and helping out on Reception, which is an interesting role as there is a lot to learn in order to be able to do it.